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Operational Intelligence with Digital Twins Webinar


Operational Intelligence with Apromore Digital Twins

You Can’t Improve or Predict Tomorrow, Unless You Understand Today

In today's fast-paced business world, organisations encounter ongoing challenges in meeting market demands, managing disruptions, and ensuring sustainability. Addressing these complexities requires prioritising agility and transparency in business processes. Operational Intelligence offers deep insights into operations, akin to understanding organisational DNA, facilitating informed decision-making. It enables organisations to optimise operations, enhance quality, manage risks, and improve efficiency. 


In this webinar you'll learn how Operational Intelligence:

  • Uncovers real-time insights
  • Establishes comprehensive foundations
  • Drives informed decisions for sustainable growth and resource optimisation


About Apromore

The Apromore platform is an easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy AI-driven process mining solution that enables business and technology teams to quickly visualise and analyse their business processes and simulate proposed changes prior to implementation in order to measure impact and risk. The Apromore platform includes no-code features and a simple UI that continuously delivers new insights into operational performance and compliance.

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Meet the speakers

Kenneth Rasch

Kenneth Rasch

Regional Vice President

As the Regional Vice President  at Apromore, Kenneth Rasch leverages his extensive commercial and operational background to drive organisational success. With a proven track record of spearheading EMEA Go-to-Market (GtM) activities for both blue-chip and private high-growth enterprise software companies, Kenneth has adeptly navigated the challenges of startup, scale-up, and hyper-growth stages.

In his current capacity, Kenneth holds responsibility for overseeing Apromore's operations in the EMEA region. His leadership has been instrumental in laying the groundwork for Apromore's EMEA business, establishing a solid foundation for growth and expansion. Renowned for his strategic acumen and keen operational insights, Kenneth sets and upholds rigorous standards of excellence, ensuring alignment of growth initiatives with revenue and business objectives.

With a wealth of experience in team building and management, Kenneth excels as a coach and collaborator, fostering cohesion and synergy across cross-functional teams. His ability to drive collective success through effective collaboration underscores his role as a key driver of organisational performance.


Christopher Godden

Senior Manager Solution Consulting

Chris is a Solution Consulting Manager who comes from a diverse background that also encompasses both business and technical roles across a variety of industries, including banking, telecommunications, retail, and technology. 

Currently, Chris spearheads the solution consulting operations for Apromore in the EMEA region. His leadership has been instrumental in driving strategic initiatives and fostering a culture of innovation and excellence within the team. His unique blend of technical knowledge and business acumen positions him as a key figure in the ongoing success of Apromore’s operations.